Do You Know Your Personal Style?


What does Personal Style mean is a question that I m often asked. Well, personal Style is what you wear often, how you wear it and the way you style your look. It is evident in the usual clothes you choose to wear and how you usually wear them. It is how you consistently put your clothes together to meet your needs, in ways unique to you, reflecting who you are today. Everyone has their own personal style. Its how a man or woman expresses who they are and how they feel. It is an expression of Individuality, of spirit and personality. Personal style is also exactly that, it is personal to you.

But personal style can also be an elusive beast as  “WhowhatWear’ describes it. It evolves over time, changing according to what you need,what you love and feel comfortable about wearing. It definetely changes with age. Your lifestyle and personal style are each individual but  it is also interdependent as your lifestyle influences your personal style.

How do you identify your personal style ? 

1.Start by creating a mood board. Use Pinterest or bookmark it elsewhere like Instagram. Pin pictures of the clothes you like, the looks you love and appeal to you. What will emerge is your aesthetic.Do you like a minimalistic style? Does dramatic flair appeal? Do you go for the bohemian look or a more romantic feminine look? Solid colors Vs Patterns.Or are you veering towards a Monochrome color palette? Look at the pictures carefully, the makeup and accessories.Take notes on what you are liking.

2. What don’t you like? It’s as important to know what you don’t like Vs what you do like. You know items and styles that you definitely don’t like or will never want to wear. You may not like wearing button down shirts. Or you may prefer wearing Indian or Indo western clothes only. You may hate polka dots or wearing boots. Identify these elements. Keep a literal list or a mental one. 

3. What do like to wear again and again? I don’t mean what you are comfortable wearing, but what gives you pleasure and joy to wear ? A favourite style or cut that you prefer. You may love anything with lace or floral prints.You may love a sharp suit or find pleasure draping a sari. Identify each one of these items. It can also help you add these elements in to your existing wardrobe if you don’t have them in your closet. 

4. What are your personal Colors?  Do you know the colors that work for you and enhances your looks best? Some people already know what their personal colors are. Some prefer certain colors and prints but may avoid some color families altogether. To learn what works for you, try on a color, hold it close to your face and check if for one, there is a contrast in the color of your skin tone vis-a-vis the color of the garment. What does it enhance ? Does it bring out the color of your eyes, make your skin  appear fresh or does it make you look tired and enhance the dark circles around your eyes.If a particular color looks too harsh on you maybe a lighter or a darker shade of the same color may work for you.

For some a bright sunshine yellow looks great and some look lovely in a buttercup yellow.Dont disard a color because of the specific shade you tried instead try both lighter and darker versions of the same color. Colors that don’t work for you but if you still like them or they are a part of your wardrobe basics should be worn on the lower half of your body such as on pants and skirts and away from your body.This doesnt apply to monochrome colors like black and white. 

5. See how you style yourself. How do you put together your clothes and what do you pair it with ? Jewelry,accessories,outer wear, the shoes, your makeup and how you style your hair. This is usually quite distinctive. For example – a lady I know always pairs her pants and a top with a perfectly matched stole. Another lady only wears pearls with everything. A friends mom wears french chiffon sarees in pastel prints usually floral with pearls everywhere. Yet another friend pairs white keds with everything, my co-worker always matched her clothes to her bag, she had a bag for every shade. All these are elements of their personal style. Figure out what is part of yours.

Once you’ve gone through the above steps, you will be able to define your personal style easily.

Here are some examples of  celebrities with great personal style :

Victoria Beckham – Sleek Elegance 


Jennifer Aniston – Minimalistic style


Olivia Palermo – Always Polished


Kate Middleton – Classic Feminine Style


Ines de la Fressange – Classic French Style, and prefers Pants mostly



Image Credits – Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Palermo, Kate Middleton, Ines De La Fressange