Shopping can be impulsive or planned. But its usually the unplanned shopping that leaves you with regrets, morning misery and wardrobe orphans and more. What’s a wardrobe orphan you ask? When you buy 1 fabulous item that you absolutely must have but end up never wearing it. Because you don’t have anything to go with it, don’t have a place to wear it to or don’t know how to style it. So it stays there in your cupboard for years together, unworn and unloved.

How to avoid any of the above scenarios? Smart shopping allows you to stay on target, saves you time and money. It also helps simplify the shopping process.

Here are 3 tips to help you shop smart!

1. Only Buy What You need – The first guideline for smart shopping is to buy only what you need. Make a list of items you need to complete your look or add on to your wardrobe. Be specific about the item, its style, color, fabric, what you expect it to go with, and the estimated cost. Keep your list in your closet area, perhaps tacked to the inside of your closet door—or in your purse or planner.



2. Prioritize your list – Prioritize your list according to each item’s importance. For example, perhaps you need a blazer and slacks, but both are expensive. Decide which you need most and put it at the top of your list. Shopping can be distracting due to people, displays, and merchandise all around you.

Your shopping list will:

  • Keep you on target
  • Help you pass up tempting displays.
  • Keeps you from getting sidetracked into buying things you don’t need.
  • Prevent you from impulse buys that whittle away your budget and keep you from being able to buy the item you really


3. Avoid make your list too long – You want to shop for several items each trip to save time, but don’t let yourself get so tired or rushed you buy something you really don’t  need—or something that’s  only close to what you need. If charcoal is what you need, don’t settle for navy or black. Review your list before you go shopping and then stick to it.


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