“Savitha has a friendly personality and is very passionate about her work. I found that she was genuinely interested in bringing a positive change in me during the coaching  sessions which is inspiring”
Kavitha Martis – VP, SwissRe, 

“It was an enlightening session. Savitha showed me what is suitable for me specifically. It was a good experience as it brings out the best in us”
Lakshmi, Super Mom 

“I had an opportunity to attend the Personal Branding workshop, the session was very informative & motivating. Savitha is such an inspiration. Picked up quite a lot from her which I can use in my training sessions”
Indu Ravindranath, HR @ Grassroots

“Savitha conducted the workshop very well, and speaking for myself I gleaned a lot from every portion. What was enthusiastically spoken about, the vivid visuals, the carefully prepared worksheets, besides the interaction with others….that enveloped what I really wanted. It was a privilege for me to be at this workshop”
Jenny Saldahna, Teacher

“I was glad I had an opportunity to meet you and rest of the participants at this workshop, Thank you very much. Keep up the effort you put into your work”
Corina Stevens, Entrepreneur

“The workshop was a  very good motivational session which really worked to change and implement several aspects of building a personal brand for women”
Latha, HR Professional

“Thank You for Inspiring Me Savitha”
Farzana, HR Professional