We are now fully into summer and the heat and humidity levels are soaring. While Summer in India is definitely not my favorite season there are some aspects to it that i look forward to (got to see the silver lining) like Mangoes, Summer Vacations, Hanging out Poolside,Cooling down with Ice cream, Longer days, Glorious Sunsets always and stocking up my summer wardrobe.Although we should have done our summer wardrobe shopping in Feb, its never too late to start. Here is my Summer Capsule Wardrobe wishlist.

Choose A Summer Color Palette : Why not choose a color palette for Summer. I would suggest Muted Pastel colors, Neutrals with an accent color or simply choose Blue & White and add to it with a complementary color.This is a good place to start your summer capsule.

Plan : Review your closet and see if you already have items you can use this summer. Sort and then plan your shopping, so you stay focused on what you need now. Don’t get distracted by sales and deals on winter clothes whilst shopping for summer. Unless your going on vacation somewhere cold and need some winter wear. Also review your accessories and see what you need to buy and what you will be wearing this summer. This is also a good time to figure out what you plan to wear to work, casual wear and to social engagements.More cotton Kurtis for work ? Need to update your casual tees ? Don’t have an outfit for brunch or a barbecue ? Going on vacation and need a few items for your holiday ? Don’t have a hat or need new sunglasses ? Think it all through.

Make Your list : Now that you have reviewed your closet and know what you already have and need create your shopping list. This is also important so as not to add similar items, like a 3rd pair of white jeans or buy that 10th white tees.I do this a lot, i think i need as many whites as possible and end up with too many of the same kind.

The List : This list is my preference for summer but i lead a more casual life and work from home so this list works for me. However if you work in an office i would recommend adding a few more items that take are of your summer work wardrobe. I plan to do a separate post for a  Summer Work wardrobe.Also while this list shows small collection of items, depending on your lifestyle you must add the items you may require to see you through summer.Maybe more dresses for the evening or more casual clothes as you may be indulging in outdoor activities.

1.White Pants – I prefer cotton pants in white or pastel colors like peach, pale pink or sky blue for summer. Also in different lengths like ankle or a Capri if you like that and it suits you is a good option. While I  do love jeans i find its just too hot and humid to wear. Unless its loose boyfriend jeans which doesn’t cling to my body. Even then I find it a bit hot to wear.

2. Blouses and Tops – I would add a few cotton blouses with a lace trim or Hakoba patterned top in white of pastels depending on my color palette for summer. A couple of Chikan work kurtis in pastels and maybe a cotton shirt. I prefer to keep my sleeves short and avoid collared tops and shirts. Too hot in India.

3. Wide legged Pants – Yes I would love to wear a couple of bright colored and pattered wide leg pants paired with a simple tee. Its a playful and interesting look.

4.Maxi Dresses – For evenings out I like long maxi dresses again in lightweight fabric which fits well yet isn’t too warm.

5. Skirts – A couple of knee length solid colored skirts in light pastels that are an easy flared style

6. Tees – Top up on tees in stripes, solids and easy patterns to match with your pants and skirts

7. A pair of shorts – In denim or a solid color that you can dress up or down

8. A Casual Tote – I love to carry a cloth bag in white or a straw bag. Again an easy tote for everyday. I also like a satchel sometimes. I avoid carrying a structured bag unless its to a work meeting.

9. Sandals – T-Strap sandals, espadrilles, raffia wedges all work perfectly for summer

10. Hat – This is one item cannot do without. Its just too hot to step out without a hat on a hot day. This and lots of sunscreen.



Image Credits – Cover Image and Images 1-4 via Pinterest , Image 5 via Polyvore