Best Graduation speeches of all time
I find inspiration in a lot of places and one of them is in the graduation speeches that are given at the Ivy League Universities in the USA. We also had an excellent talk by the CEO of Cognizant at my MBA graduation ceremony. Graduation speeches are all about humor, giving students who are going to out into the world advice, encouragement, and motivation. But every year I listen to the graduation speeches and I find it applies to every one of us.
Whether you are in the workplace, at home, at school or college these speakers all can touch our hearts and the points they make can resonate with each one of us.  Today I’m sharing with you my 5 favorite graduation speeches, while I love so many of the other speakers across so many years, I find these speeches resonate with me the most.


  1. Mark Zuckerberg – Harvard University 2017 – I love Him!


2. Bill Gates, Harvard University, 2007

He talks about measuring success not just on professional accomplishments but instead using all their skills and learning for greater good.


3. Sheryl Sandberg, UC Berkeley,2016  – She talks about Failure and resilience post her husband’s death.


4. Oprah Winfrey, Smith Collge, 2017 – Such an inspiration


5. Steve Jobs, Stanford, 2005 – I love the way he shares the 3 stories hitting all the right notes for students.


I hope you find inspiration in these talks as I did. There are many many more speeches out there that from many great achievers and leaders. Hear them when you can to help you find your purpose, your inspiration, for hope and encouragement, for motivation and to feel that life is more than just you.

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Cover Image via Popsugar