People take just 3 to 7 seconds to judge you based on your appearance. They decide everything about you whether it is the reality or not. Projecting an attractive image to create a great first impression is one the elements of personal and professional success. Sometimes you don’t know where to start and how to create a winning image. This is where an Image Consultant or Image Coach comes in.
Here are the 4 reasons why you should hire an Image consultant/coach:


Will Help You Dress For Your Shape 
One style mistake that is often seen is people not dressing appropriately for the shape they have. People wear outfits they like irrespective of whether it suits their body shape or not. You see women wearing short skirts when they don’t really have great legs to show off or wearing capris with chubby ankles. They are drawing attention to the most unattractive parts of their body and completely ignoring their best features. Many times one’s figure has changed over a period of time, but people seem unaware that they need to dress for the shape they have now instead of what they had.
An image coach helps you understand your shape while teaching you what would work for your specific shape. What tips and techniques would make you project an elegant and classy appearance? Simple tricks to help draw attention to your most attractive features and take attention away from areas you don’t want to call attention to. This alone is an easy win for someone who wants to elevate their image and revamp their style. 
Will Help You Understand Your Personal Style 
Who doesn’t want to refine their personal style statement and add their own unique twist to their style? Today, our world is a place where everything has become similar. Access to international style, fashion is just a click away. An image consultant helps you identify your personal style and integrate that into your everyday dressing. An image coach will help you pull together a look that carries your personal stamp. Today, most people around the world seem to dress in a uniform. Adding your personal touch to even a simple outfit will make it yours. For example, you may like quirky shoes. Then imagine taking a simple white blouse and black pants, a quirky pair of shoes, your grandmother’s beaded necklace, and put on a pretty lipstick. Voila! You have made that look your own!




Will Help You Dress For Success Proportionate To Your Lifestyle
Most image consultants will first spend time understanding you and your lifestyle. They evaluate what you do, how you live and what your personal and professional goals are. They will also assess where you shop, your current style, your insecurities and finally what your budget is. Only when the image consultant has all this information, will you be told what works for you best. This includes what you can wear for career success, for specific social occasions, and for your daily activities. At every step, showing you what looks most attractive on you, and where and how to shop within your budget.
It’s Not a 1-day Makeover
It isn’t a change for just today, it is a change that lasts for life. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to hire an image consultant and learn how to do it for yourself. You will be taught how to evaluate and plan your clothing needs keeping in mind your lifestyle, career, and shape; you’ll be equipped with the tools, tips, and techniques you need to be able to do it yourself going forward. It’s a one-time investment and you learn how to do it yourself whether you have a stylist or not.

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