Why You Must Have Outfits Ready To Wear

Last Monday morning I had a rough start. Simply because as organized as I am and usually plan my outfits the night before. However, this Monday morning all my best-laid plans went down the drain. For starters, I changed my mind about my outfit (I know I know).I proceeded to put myself together in another outfit because I suddenly had this urge to wear my favorite pair of nude oxfords. I hadn’t worn in ages.

Once I put on these shoes, I realized that not wearing it for so long had made the shoe start to shred. Yes, it was a high street brand and wasn’t leather. Yet I decided to wear it one last time before I had to throw it away. As I left my home I could hear a strange sound coming from feet, and I looked down and saw the shoe was coming apart at the sole! Obviously, I had to rush back, change my shoes and leave. All this cost me precious time, unwanted stress and I felt sorry for myself too for the loss of the shoe.

There are a couple of lessons here:

1.Never buy cheap shoes and if you do then make sure to wear and regularly till it falls apart from wear and tear.

2. Don’t keep anything in wardrobe without it being worn for so long ever.

3. Lastly, it never hurts to try out your whole outfit with shoes in advance.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I hope you can learn from my fashion mistakes and make wise decisions that won’t leave you stressed and running late.

So what can you do avoid making a mess of your morning like I did?

Begin by going through your closet and putting aside at least 5 outfits with accessories and shoes ready to be worn. It has to be an outfit you look great in. Laundered, neatly pressed & hung up. Once you wear it make sure to replace it back asap. Or keep ready another outfit.

My outfit suggestions are below. You can choose 3 or 5 or more outfits that you like and wear.











Cover Image via Pinterest. All the outfit collages via Polyvore. You may also like this Post here