Are you watching your body language at work ? Here we share a 4 common mistakes that people do at work.

Posture – Sit up straight, stand tall, elongate your neck and align your shoulders.It makes you appear and feel more confident. You will come across as more energetic and less tired or dejected. Good posture  is also good for combating stress.

Maintain eye contact – When you talk to anyone in a meeting,review or one on one conversation, maintain eye contact. Dont stare someone down, its ok to look away when your thinking as you speak. When your conversation ends break eye contact slowly.

Dont fidget – Observe your body language, are you restless and fidgety. Do you tap your feet, or a pen, play with your phone or hair, make specific facial or flailing body movements. Take a video of yourself at a meeting or in a review to find out if your not sure. This demonstrates lack of confidence or boredom with what is going on at work.

Your Voice – Lower your pitch at work, people with a lower vocal pitch are considered to be more powerful. Also people find it easier to owrk with someone who speaks softly rather than a high pitched voice. But try to speak at your natural low pitch not lower than that, otherwise you wont be comfortable.

Watch one of my favourite ted talks by social psychologist Amy Cuddy, the author of the book “Presence” where she talks abou the imapact of Body Language.

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